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              This is in response to the “rumors” that are being put out over the internet.


   There is a group posting that HS Cabarrus Animal Rescue pulled 5 week old puppies from Rowan County AC. They claim we took 5 week old puppies away from a still nursing mom and left the mom to die. This is NOT TRUE. On 08/08 we did pull puppies, we were told from the person at the desk that these puppies were 7 weeks old. They were in a cage by themselves.

Apparently the shelter separated these pups from the mom, not us. The mom was in another section and at this point the fact that the mother dog was there was not mentioned to us.

   We did not go to Rowan to pull puppies or any particular animal, we stopped to see if there was any we could pull and get out of the shelter . When we saw the puppies in that cage by themselves our first and only thought was the risk of Parvo. Parvo is a big risk for all puppies and unfortunately all shelters. So, we decided to take them, have them Parvo tested, hold them and keep them together for at least 10 days. We have never “knowingly” adopted out an animal under 8 weeks of age. We would never pull puppies away from a mom still nursing them.

   As we were completing the paperwork another group came in and once they realized we were pulling the pups asked if we were taking the mom at which time she also stated that someone was coming later to take all the “them” including the 3 older pups in the back. This was the first we heard that there was another litter from the same mom that were about 1 year old and were in the runs at the back. Those 3 were a larger breed and we do not have the facility for the larger breeds and did not have a foster home available for them. Also if there was a group that wanted them all we “assumed” they were going to pull the other ones later that day anyway.   As it turns out no one ever did that day, so did they not pull them because they didn’t get the younger ones too?

   Again, these puppies had been separated from the mom already, there is a post on facebook dated 08/07 (which was the day before) there is a picture of the puppies, by themselves and someone asked “Why is momma and babies separate? Are they weaned?” The response was: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-of-Rowan-County-Animal-Shelter/331561090218773Friends of Rowan County Animal, “yes, they are available for adoption.”   So does this mean they were available to the public and it was possible they could go out the door one at a time? It seems to us that if they were really only 5 weeks old (which they are not) then they wouldn’t be listed as available for adoption??

   When the so called other group did not take the mom and other pups should we have gone back for her, possibly, but by this time so much “misinformation” had gone out and we received harassing messages and some that could be considered “threatening” that it made it impossible for us to go back and get her.

   Another comment was that we had them on facebook up for adoption already. We had put a couple of pictures up but did state they were not available and would be held for a minimum of 10 days. We sometimes will take applications ahead of time so we can screen people to make sure when they are ready they go to good homes. They are safe, in a playpen in someone’s den, getting playtime and eating well, learning to be pups. They have been parvo tested (neg) and wormed and just had their first vaccines. They will not go up for adoption until they are 10 weeks old.


   Isn’t this what it is all about, getting animals out of shelters, having them vetted and finding them good homes? Is that not the purpose of rescues?


   It is sad when you have a group of people putting so much effort into bashing another group and trying to destroy another rescue instead of putting their efforts into saving more animals.   Rescues need to work together, it is not a competition, it is about the animals. One person and one rescue can not save them all, it takes a team. It is easy to sit behind a computer and complain and bash, it is much harder to be out there trying to save all that you can. Rescues may have differences of opinions and may not see things quite the same but working together is going to accomplish so much more.


Anyone who is interested is more then welcome to come visit our facilities and the puppies. Our facility is located at 590 Crestmont Drive, Concord, NC. 28025.

Please call ahead at 704-701-5441 to make sure Karin is there, she is more then happy to speak with you.


Karin Britt


HS Cabarrus Animal Rescue



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Grief Counseling meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at

 6:00pm at 590 Crestmont Drive in Concord, NC.


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 •  Monetary donations  -

        We are a volunteer run organization - our only income is from donations
 and adoption fees. 
        These monies are used for emergency medical treatments and filling in
 the gaps when we don't have sufficient supplies donated.
 Dog food and Cat Food  -   (treats also accepted)
        ο    Cat Litter - Scoopable     (non-scoopable litter for kittens)
         ο     1st class stamps   (letter)
         ο     Dog toys and cat toys
         ο     Collars - variety of sizes
         ο     Leashes - 6 ft
 •  Office supplies -  copy paper, pens, 8 1/2 x 11 lined pad of paper
 •  Ink Cartridges  -  Epson 200,  Brother LC-51 (CL for color & BK for black)
   Clean Towels
 •  Disinfectant
 • Dish Washing Liquid
 • Volunteers
For our foster homes:
  •  Heavy duty crates


  •  Clean Towels
We can always use more people to foster dogs or cats in their home.

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Every Saturday from 10:00pm to 4:00pm, adoptions will be held at

Petco on Bruton Smith Blvd in Concord, NC.  Dogs that are up for

adoption will be on site.  A few cats will be on site in the cat condo. 




Adoptions also held Monday thru Thursday 2:00pm - 4:00pm

at 590 Crestmont Drive, ConcordNC.  28025

or call 704-701-5441 for appointment.